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Conditions of Use

The Conditions of Use of this website set forth the terms and conditions under which one may use this website and in particular the rights of use of the information, content and data provided on this website and the rights, obligations and liability of SEEPEX AD in this respect.

Liability of SEEPEX AD

The information, content and data provided through this website are made available for information purposes only ; they are not legally binding and do they constitute any advice. They are in no way intended as a mean of soliciting business or offering securities to any person, in any country, directly or indirectly.

The user uses the information, content and data available at its own risks and under its own responsibility. SEEPEX AD advises no to base any on the content of its website before having checked its correctness or completeness.

SEEPEX AD provides its best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information, content and data available on its website. SEEPEX AD may not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by the incompleteness or incorrectness of the information, content and data available on its website.

SEEPEX AD may not be held liable for any loss, damages, costs or expenses arising from, amongst others, errors, omissions or alterations, in the information, content and data that is available on its website.

SEEPEX AD may not be held liable for loss or damage caused by the actions of third parties taken on the basis of information, content and data available on its website.

SEEPEX AD may not be held liable for loss or damage resulting from the temporary or permanent, full or partial unavailability of websites operated by SEEPEX AD.

Use of data

SEEPEX AD has the exclusive control on any data (in particular market data such as prices) published on its internet website. The user of this website may not download, reproduce, license, cease or use it for commercial purposes (inter alia for indexation purposes) without the explicit prior approval of SEEPEX AD. The information found on this website is for the personal use of individual visitors only.


The reproduction, copying, duplication, transfer or creation of hypertext links, in any manner, of all or part of the information that appears on the site also requires the prior written approval of SEEPEX AD.

SEEPEX AD reserves all rights to request the deletion or disable links or frame of any third party websites containing inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful topics, names, material or information, or material or information that violates any written law, any applicable intellectual property, proprietary, privacy or publicity right.

Website and content copyright

The design of this website and the text, images, graphics, layout, audio documents and video clips as well as databases contained herein are protected by copyright and are owned by SEEPEX AD, except when otherwise stated. Neither this website nor the contents made available therein (including; graphic representations, audio and video clips, html code, buttons and text) may be copied, reprinted, published, transmitted, transferred, disseminated or distributed in any manner without the prior written approval of SEEPEX AD. However, the preparation of a single copy for exclusive personal, non-commercial use by downloading onto an individual personal computer (including permanent or temporary saving on said PC, displaying of the contents in the offline mode and the preparation of a print-out of parts of the content) are expressly permitted. However, this shall be subject to the precondition that such activity does not involve changing the website and its content and that all references to copyrights, patents, trademarks and other property rights are contained in the copies made or that a corresponding reference is inserted. Any commercial use shall only be permitted with the express written approval of SEEPEX AD.

The authors of this website comply with the copyright law regarding the graphics and texts used in all publications. They use graphics and text which they have developed themselves or graphics and texts which are not subject to a license. As soon as knowledge of an infringement of copyright is gained, such contents are removed forthwith.

The content of this website cannot be construed as conferring a license and/or the title to a copyright, patent, trademark or any other property right from SEEPEX AD or a third party in any way.

SEEPEX AD is a trademark registered by SEEPEX AD. The use of the registered trademarks of SEEPEX AD is not permitted without the prior written permission of SEEPEX AD.

Applicable law and validity

The use of and this Conditions of Use are governed by Serbian law. The ineffectiveness or invalidity of individual phrases within this text shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the text.

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