The SEEPEX a.d. Beograd (SEEPEX) is a licensed Market operator for an organized electricity market/power exchange established in the form of partnership between A.D. EMS and EPEX SPOT as a joint stock company.


SEEPEX will organize markets that are optional, anonymous and accessible to all companies satisfying admission requirements. The SEEPEX objective is to ensure a transparent and reliable wholesale price formation mechanism on the power market by matching supply and demand at a fair and transparent price and ensure that all transactions concluded at SEEPEX are finally delivered and paid.
SEEPEX provides a market place where exchange members send their orders to buy or sell electricity in determined delivery areas. Its role consists in matching these orders in a transparent manner, according to the public market rules which among others describe the priorities and algorithms used for the matching of the orders.


Energy will belong to everyone.


SEEPEX shall operate an organized electricity market, with the standardized electricity products and delivery within a time frame day-ahead and intra-day with the aim to offer these electricity products for trading in Serbia and in the SEE region.